teslathemes-levelupLevelUp is an educational theme that uses the LearnPress learning management system plugin to let users build online schools complete with courses, communities and paid memberships. The developers at TeslaThemes combined their own features with the LearnPress, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins to create a theme jam packed with tools designed to make building online learning platforms as simple as can be. Let’s go over everything this theme has to offer.

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Here’s a quick rundown of LevelUp’s features:

  • Visual Composer Plugin – page-builder; usual price $34 on the Envato Market
  • Slider Revolution Plugin – slider-builder; usual price $19 on the Envato Market
  • LearnPress LMS Plugin Integration – also includes BuddyPress integration for community purposes
  • Payment Integration for Course Sales – PayPal, Stripe and WooCommerce User Accounts – registration/login forms, My Account pages for students
  • Tesla Framework – customize fonts and colors without using CSS; add custom CSS and JavaScript without creating a child theme
  • Responsive Design – important feature in 2016, especially for mobile users Banner Images – featured header images for posts and pages
    Blog – full width, right sidebar and left sidebar
  • Price – LevelUp is available for a one-time price of $48 or as a bundle for a minimum price of $59 per year. The individual theme comes with premium support, the privilege of using the theme on an unlimited number of websites and free weekly updates. The Standard plan comes with all of these perks plus access to TeslaTheme’s 50+ themes and any new themes the developer releases throughout the year. A Developer plan, which includes PSD files, is available for $79 per year, and the Lifetime Access plan is $199.

Tesla Framework

teslathemes-frameworkThe Tesla Framework begins with General Options, which include logo customizations and two fields for custom CSS and JavaScript. The Site Colors section lets you customize your site’s background while the Typography section lets you customize fonts and colors for paragraphs and headers. The SEO and Socials section doesn’t have many SEO-related customizations, but you can add your social media accounts for the theme’s built-in social media icons and select which social media accounts you want for your Share This bar.

The Contact Info section lets you display your address on Google Maps, your email address(es) and your phone number for use in the footer. The Additional Options section is pretty significant. It lets you adjust settings for your 404 page, blog section settings, such as navigation settings and a customized header image for your Blog page, as well as footer settings.


learnpressLearnPress is a learning management system plugin. It’s a free plugin, but TeslaThemes built LevelUp around this plugin, so the two integrate seamlessly. When you first use the LearnPress plugin, you’ll notice it looks more or less identical to the WordPress Post system. Courses are created in the same way blog posts are created. You can even attach courses to categories and tags in the same way you do with blog posts.

What’s different with the LearnPress plugin is the fact that you can also create lessons and insert them in courses. There are also sections for Quizzes and Questions.

You create questions in the Questions section before using those questions to create quizzes in the Quizzes section. You can then insert those quizzes in courses. It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds.

learnpress-coursesThe LearnPress plugin also keeps track of course sales and statistics.

Visual Composer

The Visual Composer plugin is the secret behind LevelUp’s home page design. This plugin enables you to drag and drop various widgets on any page you build. You can create a slider featuring your latest posts, a static image to link to one of your most popular posts, testimonials from students and more.

visual-composerThis plugin is typically available for $34 at CodeCanyon.net on the Envato Market, but it comes bundled with the LevelUp theme. It’s an easy way to build a well-designed home page, or any page, without needing to know PHP or JavaScript.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution does exactly as its name says it does – it builds sliders. What you put in your slider and how you build it, however, is what makes this plugin useful. You choose a content source, such as your own content (posts or pages), WooCommerce products, YouTube/Vimeo videos and more, and configure your slider using the plugin’s various slider types and layouts. You can even customize individual slides.

slider-revolutionYou’ll also assign a shortcode to your slider so you can insert it into posts and pages with a simple line of code. This plugin is available for $19 on the Envato Market, but it comes bundled for free with this theme.


levelup-menuThe menu on this theme is basic, but its minimalist design is sleek and clean. If you enter your social media accounts in the Tesla Framework section, you can put them in the menu. The menu also features a search bar, log in/My Account buttons and a menu button that causes the primary menu to drop down.

levelup-primary-menuFooter & Widgets

The footer features a horizontal list of links to all of the pages on your site. You need to enter custom CSS to hide this, unfortunately. Underneath that is space for widgets, but you can only fit three widgets per row. You can also add social icons, create a call to action and customize your copyright info via the Tesla Framework.

levelup-footerThe widgets that come with LevelUp are fairly straightforward, but the theme gives you handy little tips on where to place individual widgets, such as only placing the Contact Info widget in the footer.

Post Settings

levelup-under-post-buttonsLevelUp enables you to embed a featured video and select a header image for individual posts. You can also create a slider with Slider Revolution and enter its shortcode to insert it into the header of a post. The last setting is the ability to choose where you want your sidebar (left or right) or to choose not to have it all (full width). The tag section underneath the post is clean, and there’s also a section that features links to your previous and next blog posts.

Final Thoughts

LevelUp comes with loads of different features right out of the box that make building a responsive, well-designed website simple for any novice WordPress user, but its primary objective of allowing users to build simple yet powerful online schools is straightforward and to the point. These perks make it an ideal choice for novice WordPress users, but the ability to add custom CSS and JavaScript gives hardcore WordPress users chances to love this theme as well.

Check it out yourself:

Demo | Download

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