A lot of people have jumped on the Layers bandwagon already. After all, this free theme allows you to build full websites using a point and click interface without touching a line of code. But what’s making Layers make news again is the release of a child theme designed specifically with classrooms in mind.

Classroom is a new child theme for Layers by Obox Themes that comes with numerous pre-built pages that work for the education sector. These page layouts are perfect for building dedicated pages for the creative arts, cafeteria, school events, transportation, sports, and enrollment, along with a homepage and an about us page.

The included Events Widget can be used for displaying absolutely any kind of event a school might have from a sporting event to a bake sale. Classroom also comes with numerous Layers Extensions including ColorKit, DevKit, and StoreKit. Full documentation and support is included as well.

For a regular license, you can expect to pay $41 for the Classroom child theme.


About Layers

Layers is a free theme by Obox Themes that acts as a beautiful foundation for numerous child themes or any custom-built site you wish to create. Once activated, it’s built directly into the WordPress Customizer and provides a code-free interface for creating any kind of site you want. You basically build a site using widgets and can view your modifications in real-time.

Other features of the Layers WordPress theme include a design bar, a mobile responsive design, preset layouts, WooCommerce integration, and more.

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