Portfolio WordPress ThemesPutting together a portfolio can make all the difference in terms of how your business is perceived by potential clients. I mean, let’s face it: portfolios are professional. And it gives you a dedicated space to display your best work to impress clients, prospects, and customers. Whether you’re an artist, web designer, photographer, interior designer, architect, or model, you need a portfolio.

An even though you know you need a portfolio, putting one together can be a challenge, especially if you lack coding skills. But if your site is built on WordPress, you can easily find a portfolio theme that highlights your best work without getting in the way. We’ve sorted, tested, and sniffed (need I remind you the resident cat has a say in this?) portfolio themes far and wide and came up with a list of 44, one of which is sure to suit your needs just fine.


VertexVertex is a theme designed for service providers that’s fast and efficient. The homepage loads as you scroll with beautiful animations and the layout looks outstanding across all devices with its responsive layout. It has continual updates and security features to help keep your site safe and functional. The theme is compatible across all browsers, and has full localization for easy translation across several languages.

One of the plugin’s biggest features is its incredible customization. With several page templates, shortcodes, and unlimited colors to chose from, you can make your site look and work exactly how you want it to. It even includes a special ePanel that’s integrated into your WordPress Dashboard that allows you to easily adjust the appearance and function of your site without ever using the code. Overall Vertex is a great choice for a professional looking fast, safe, and customizable theme with lots of room for pictures and beautiful visuals.

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DiviDivi was built from the beginning with flexibility in mind. It gives you access to The Divi Builder, a drag and drop page builder with 40 customizable content modules that lets you construct your page without any coding. You can design the modules individually with various color, typography, and other such options. With its partnership with Sucuri.net, it has all the security features you need to keep your site safe. There’re many pre-made layouts included that you can further customize to your exact needs, which adjust to various devices with the theme’s responsive design, and it allows you to create and save your own layouts as well.

It has live previews and sliders to further help with your design, and full translation for 32 languages with RTL text support. And though you can use the entire theme with no coding at all, Divi’s modules allow you to use custom CSS coding anywhere you want it. This is the ultimate theme in customizability, giving you a wide range of functionality and near limitless design options to help make your site exactly what you want it to be.

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NimbleNimble is a theme built to strike a perfect balance between design and function. It comes with five built in color schemes carefully selected to be bold and eye catching without being too over the top or distracting. The combination of multiple browser support, responsive design, and full localization allow this theme to work and look great on any device and from anywhere. It has the standard mix of page templates, shortcodes, and Elegant Themes’ ePanel for a wide variety of easy customization options.

The theme is W3C compliant and has frequent security audits to keep it safe and secure, and frequent updates and active support to keep your site up and running at maximum efficiency. As a whole, Nimble does an amazing job at showcasing your work in a bold, beautiful, and functional way.

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PortfolioPortfolio, as the name suggests, is a theme based around showcasing your work portfolio. One of its main focuses is its clean, minimal, responsive design. It’s SEO ready, helping your audience find your content. The theme is speed optimized, and comes with AJAX Loading to help your page load seamlessly. It comes with both a blog and portfolio format, with several customization options for each, including image size, columns, unlimited color choices and background options, 630 Google fonts, and more.

Mega Menu compatibility helps you make the menus you need, and the theme also comes with social media integration and retina font icons. There’re a lot of options for your portfolios, such as image size and advanced filters and portfolio navigation features to help your viewers sort through your arrays of work. If you want a flexible, well supported, and portfolio focused theme, this makes an excellent choice.

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OnePageOnePage is a unique theme in the fact that it is designed to have a large portion of your content, if not the whole site, on the homepage. The theme was built from the ground up for this purpose, and has several features to go with it. It has a drag and drop homepage builder, several built-in layouts, shortcodes, widget functions, unlimited colors, and coding features to further adjust your features, along with a convenient button to return to the top of your homepage.

Your page loads fast and smoothly with speed optimization and AJAX loading. It has the option to include portfolios, pricing tables, testimonials, clients, and more. There’s also SEO optimization to help your users find you, one click installation and translation with RTL support, and yet more features such as a sliding services section, animated counters, Twitter feeds, and Google Maps support. It’s also a well supported theme, which makes it an excellent and impressively flexible choice for any site that fits onto one page.

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MellowMellow is a theme designed to keep things simple and stay out of the way to leave the attention on your work, while still giving you the features you need. It has masonry or grid portfolio layouts, and a hamburger style menu with a customizable background. Portfolios are one of the main focuses of the theme, and it gives you the animated filters to make them look great. There’s a built-in customizer to help you make quick design changes, custom widgets, logo upload, and shortcodes you need to build and personalize your site.

It has a responsive design, lifetime support, and the browser compatibility and localization support to make it available to all of your potential viewers and functional in the language you need. And to top it off, it comes with Google web fonts and video support for all of your embed needs. Mellow is definitely one of the simpler themes on the list, but sometimes simple is good, and Mellow does it exceptionally.

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RidgeRidge is a theme designed for the creative professional, with a bold style to help your work stand out. It has a scrolling parallax home banner to display your most important message or works. The theme is responsive, and has a theme customizer, custom widgets, shortcodes, and default page templates to help you set up various areas of your site. It has an animated filterable portfolio with grid or masonry layout, and supports video embedding from Youtube, Vimeo, or other sites to show off your video or audio work or any videos relating to your work.

You can upload your logo to make the site your own, and translate the theme into the language of your choice with localization support. It has browser compatibility as well for every modern browser. For displaying image, video, or audio work in a bold and content focused way, Ridge is a solid option.

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TrailTrail is designed to be a multi-purpose theme. Its focus is large images and beautiful typography, and one of its more unique features is a full screen vertically scrolling parallax homepage. It has a responsive layout and built in page templates from the home page, portfolios, and a contact page. There’s all the customizers, custom widgets, logo features and shortcodes you need to fully build and tweak your site to your liking.

It has video embeds and animated portfolio filters, along with localization support and modern browser compatibility. Trail accomplishes its wide range of purposes rather well, and the full screen vertical parallax is a beautiful, engaging, and certainly attention grabbing way to show off the most important parts of your work to anyone who visits your site.

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HardyInstead of a portfolio that displays all of your works, Hardy is made specifically to display your most amazing creations in the spotlight, while leaving the rest of the site simple and streamlined. Hardy is all about size, meant to display your best work in big sections that will take up the entire screen. With a large variety of customization options, this theme will allow you to tweak your website in any way you deem necessary.

Slideshows, backgrounds, templates, shortcodes, video embed support, and theme options; all the basics you’ll need are included. You can also use icons to direct users to projects or other pages on the site. The site is perfectly optimized to appear on any page it’s viewed on, from any device and any browser. For the artist, photographer, or other creative that would love to have their work displayed front and center, this theme is an excellent pick.

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InkInk is an elegant and minimalistic theme that makes for a perfect portfolio presentation. A variety of shortcodes, giving access to key features such as slideshows and columns, will give you all you need to present your works. As well, each page can have an individual background, giving them all a flair of personality, and a sidebar where you can outline any key information a user needs to know.  

This theme includes all the standard options: Responsiveness so your pictures will be beautifully presented no matter where they are accessed, animations to transition between each page, widgets to help enhance your site, and a variety of theme options and customization to help your website stand out. Ink is a wonderful theme for anyone who needs a medium to display their creations simplistically but effectively.

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RevealReveal is a theme designed centrally around its responsiveness. It’s made to look beautiful on any screen or device, so any visitors you have will experience your works in their fullest. It even looks the same across browsers. The site is designed to look very clean, so that the website will serve only to enhance, not distract from, the images you upload. The project viewing is powered by AJAX, allowing you to streamline your portfolio site. Slideshows will allow you to present your best creations, and you can also use custom widgets to display important information from your other accounts.

If animations, collages, or other videos are a part of your creations, you can embed them from all of the major video sites. If you need a site to display your art, photography, or other creative works on, that’s guaranteed to look amazing no matter where you access, then this is a great candidate.

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GatherGather is a theme for an e-commerce based site. It has a responsive minimalistic design. It’s designed specifically for use with Woocommerce. It has built in page templates and custom widgets to help you design the overall layout of your site, and shortcodes for buttons and columns. It also has shortcodes for slideshows to help showcase your work and products. You can upload your own logo to further personalize your site.

It also has built in video embedding, allowing you to include video reviews and showcases of your products, or any other videos your site needs. It has a filterable portfolio and a built in options panel to help you manage all these features. It also includes localization support and Google web fonts. Gather makes a good choice for an easy to use and well put together theme to showcase and sell your work.

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FilteredFiltered is a very stylish yet minimalistic theme that is perfect for enhancing your portfolio website. This theme makes use of whitespace and practical typography to give any site that uses it a professional but very stylistic aesthetic. It comes with some jQuery effects that are sure to make your website look much more interesting. Filtered makes use of a variety of shortcodes perfect for the artist or photographer: slideshows to display your best work, columns that will also display any creations you wish, and buttons to lead them to more of your content.

A filterable portfolio provides beautiful animation transitions, leading visitors to click through your site for hours. Any final touches you’d like can be done with the theme options panel. For those who need a website that provides a simplistic look and does it in the most stylish way, Filtered is a great choice for them.

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