Obox Themes

Obox Themes was founded in 2009 and has gained over 200,000 customers ever since. The company offers themes for WordPress, Tumblr and the Envato marketplace, but it also offers a handful plugins.

This shop features over 25 different WordPress themes, which vary from business themes to WooCommerce themes to blog themes for writers and creatives. Its plugins include a mobile plugin, an Instagram plugin, a landing page plugin and a WooCommerce Facebook plugin.

Obox Themes offers a variety of different pricing options. This includes a variety of different one-time prices in addition to various theme and plugin packages. There are annual and lifetime packages with the lifetime package including all of the developer’s plugins and themes. These different packages also include different levels of support and different priorities of support.

The company also offers Layers, an open-source WordPress site builder that works with the WordPress customizer. It’s Obox Themes’ version of a framework and works with many of its own themes to make building custom websites as simple as can be. It’s responsive, WooCommerce ready and comes with a point-and-click interface that makes knowing how to code irrelevant when it comes to building well-designed WordPress sites.

The company uses its blog to keep customers up to date with the latest happenings in its business and the space that surrounds WordPress in general. It’s not updated often, but it’s a great place to see what the company is up to and what milestones it’s reached.

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