Hardy by ThemeTrust


Hardy is a portfolio theme designed to put your best work forward, using large full-width slideshows and huge, beautiful image areas.



A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme, Hardy is designed to put your best work forward, showing off your talent with large, full-width homepage sections. These sections are customizable, offering a large degree of control over exactly how that work is displayed.

Good For:

  • Portfolios
  • Portfolio blogs

Not-so good For:

  • Ecommerce sites
  • Stand alone blogs
  • Sites that don’t need a portfolio

Features of the Hardy WordPress Theme

While still providing the filtering effects and hover animations that make your standard portfolios look great, they aren’t this theme’s focus. Large, full-width sliders, giant images; these are just a few of the ways Hardy shows off your work. The large homepage areas support videos, text widgets, articles and more as well, and you can easily turn any group of images into a slideshow too. These large, attention grabbing sections put a lot more focus on each individual work than the standard portfolio approach, really letting your best work do the talking.

Hardy also comes with dozens of icons to use, blog support, contact forms and more. The simple but effective top bar navigation makes getting around the site easy, and while the blogging functions are fairly simple, they do allow for categorization, searches, and similar features, making running an accompanying blog easy. If you want a portfolio theme that makes each individual work more than just a piece of a collection, Hardy has what you need.

Hardy is available for $49.