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WP Engine is offering an exclusive deal that gives you access to a 20% discount on your first payment when you purchase a monthly plan or 4 free months when you purchase an annual plan. Here’s the catch: this code is only available to those who enter a “cheat code” on WP Engine’s website.

Learn the WPEngine Cheat Code

Are you ready to learn this super secret code? Okay, here it goes:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B

Looks pretty familiar, right? How it works is simple. Turn on the sound on your computer (optional), and go to WPEngine.com. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard along with your A and B keys to type the code. Your discount will be applied automatically. All you need to do is browse WP Engine’s plans and choose a new Personal, Professional or Business plan.

If you aren’t in the loop, WP Engine is a managed WordPress host. They offer plans powered by virtual private servers structured and fine-tuned specifically for WordPress sites. These virtual servers have the ability to scale automatically, which means your site will not go down if you receive random spikes in traffic.

All plans also come with EverCache, WP Engine’s in-house caching system. This system performs caching at the server level, doing a much more efficient job at caching than any WordPress plugin can accomplish and negating any need for a caching plugin in the first place. Daily backups and 24/7 support are also available.

Head to WPEngine.com, and take advantage of this secret deal today.

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