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Grandstand by TeslaThemes

Grandstand by TeslaThemes is Now Free

Grandstand is the latest premium blogging theme from TeslaThemes, and they’ve just announced they’re giving it away for free! Grandstand features a minimalist style ideal for bloggers who publish regular written content. Its blog page features minimalist styles and colors,...

/ November 11, 2016

10 Free and Premium WordPress Plugins to Build Responsive Blogs

With more and more people going mobile every day, building a mobile-friendly responsive blog or website is one of the success mantras for any online business. And we can’t forget the ‘customer satisfaction’ mantra, which reminds us to satisfy customer needs in...

/ February 16, 2016
power cords

Best Premium WordPress Plugins for 2015

2015 was a great year for both free and premium WordPress plugins. Since WP Theme Roundups has already discussed the top free plugins for 2015, I wanted to take an opportunity to take a look at the top premium plugins...

/ December 31, 2015

30 Unforgettable Premium WordPress Themes for Blogs

When you get an idea for a new blog, it’s tempting to pick a theme in a hurry and toss something up as fast as you can. I mean, you’re passionate about your idea and want to get it off...

/ November 18, 2015
Atmosphere Pro wordpress theme

Atmosphere Pro Genesis WordPress Theme Launches at StudioPress

StudioPress recently released its latest theme for Genesis. The Atmosphere Pro WordPress theme includes a lot of great features that I want to draw your attention to here today. Because, quite simply, this minimalist theme is gorgeous in its simplicity and really proves...

/ November 11, 2015