Thanksgiving is almost here, and we thought it’d be great to feature a collection of fall-inspired themes for creatives and bloggers. These themes were selected based on a variety of different factors, including their use of autumn-inspired colors, typography and images.


Many of these themes feature a minimalist style and are either business themes for creatives or bloggers. If you’re interested in similar themes that don’t necessarily have fall-inspired designs, check out our list of 40 Creative WordPress Themes for 2016, our list of 20 Feminine WordPress Themes or our list of 20 Minimalist Themes.

Let’s get started.

1. Simple

Simple by Nimbus Themes

Simple is a multipurpose business theme by Nimbus Themes. It features colors that resemble the various shades of brown, red and orange you’ll see in fall, and its demo features many fall-inspired images. You can expect a similar appeal if you fill your site with autumn-inspired photography.

The homepage uses a parallax-scrolling effect and visually stunning animations, making it a wonderful theme for creatives. It also uses a lazy loading feature that ensures the homepage loads quickly no matter how many elements you add to it. As far as business elements go, the homepage features sections for services, portfolio items, a call to action, a large About Us blurb, team members, testimonials and a contact form.

The theme options that come with this theme include unlimited colors and hundreds of fonts, allowing you to customize it to suit your brand or expand its autumn appeal.

This theme is $39 by itself, but you can grab it along with every theme Nimbus Themes offers for $99.

Demo | Download

2. Natural

Natural by Organic Themes

Natural by Organic Themes is a business theme designed for environmental businesses that work closely with the outdoors. Its wooded background and outdoor-centric style is perfect for fall where forests and tree-filled roads are filled with various shades of red and yellow.

The homepage features a large header at the top, a slider filled with your latest blog posts beneath that and a collection of blurbs you can use to link to your site’s top business-related pages, such as Services, About Us, Team, Porftolio and more. Other than that, it’s a fairly simple and lightweight homepage.

This theme also comes with a couple of page templates. One of them is a portfolio template you can use to build a custom portfolio page filled with your business’ best projects and accomplishments. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce and Gravity Forms, allowing you to integrate an online store on your site and build custom, highly-optimized forms.

This theme is $69 by itself, but you can also purchase all of Organic Themes’ themes for $99.


3. Fall

Fall by Site5

Fall by Site5 is the only theme on this list that was actually designed with a fall theme in mind. It’s a simple business theme that works best for creative freelancers and agencies.

Its homepage features every element a creative business needs. It starts with a large header that features a call-to-action button at the top of the page followed by a row of blurbs where you can tease and link to your site’s top pages. Two sliders that display your latest portfolio projects and blog posts go beneath that before the page ends with links to your social media accounts.

This theme also comes with a few different page templates. The first is a template you can use on your About page to tell your company’s story and what you’re about. You can display a row of team members beneath that. You can also create a Portfolio page that displays a grid of your best projects.

This theme is available free of charge.


4. Paper

Paper by WaspThemes

Paper is a portfolio theme by WaspThemes. While not as fall-inspired as the previous themes, it still uses a minimalist style that resembles the ambiance of fall—elegance and beautiful simplicity.

This is a portfolio theme designed for creatives who produce visual products. You can see in the preview image above the developers intend for this theme to be used by graphic designers. As such, the homepage features a menu to the left and a grid layout of your best work to the right.

Each portfolio item opens a page that features a large header at the top where you can display a more detailed image of the project. You can explain what the project involved and how you created it beneath that. This theme also comes with a few shortcodes you can use to spice up the content of your posts and pages.

This is available for $49 at ThemeForest.


5. Moon

Moon by Darinka

Moon is a photography theme by Darinka. It has a minimalist style that complements landscapes, such as fall themes, well.

This theme has a simple homepage that features a slider of all of the individual galleries you’ve created on your site. Each slide links to an individual gallery or “album.” The bottom of the homepage even features a unique row of the photos you’ve published on your site. It’s unique in that it allows you to click and drag each image onto your desktop or in a folder for an immediate download.

This theme also features beautifully-designed page templates for a promotional page as well as an About page, and the single blog post page features a large header with a parallax scrolling feature. It also has theme-specific elements, such as buttons and alert boxes, you can use to build your own content.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $39.


6. TrendBlog

TrendBlog by Theme-Ruby

TrendBlog is a creative blog theme by Theme-Ruby. Its demo features fall colors and typographic styles as elegant as autumn scenes.

TrendBlog is not a minimalist blogging theme, however. Its clearly meant for content-heavy sites. The homepage features several different elements. The top, pictured above, features a large slider that promotes your latest posts. You can create smaller displays of “Editor’s Picks” beneath that as well as an About Me widget and tags.

The blog post page features an elegant style that allows you to combine beautiful imagery with elegant typography to create inspiring and truly engaging content.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $49.


7. Wild Book

Wild Blog by NordStudio

Wild Book is a minimalist blogging theme by NordStudio. Its an elegant theme for writers that features a style suitable for fall elements, such as pictures of wooded areas and autumn-themed logos.

The homepage features a static image to the left where you can display your brand’s logo, a row of social media icons and a navigation menu hidden within a hamburger menu. The right uses a typical scrolling effect and features a list of your latest blog posts.

When you click on a blog post, you’re taken to the same page style but with a different static image to the left. Your entire post will be displayed on the right. The customizer is also incredibly easy to use, allowing you to adjust your site’s colors to truly emphasize this theme’s ability to complement autumn settings.

You can pick up this theme at ThemeForest for $49.


8. Maple

Maple by Theme-Ruby

Maple is another blogging theme by Theme-Ruby. Its demo features fall-inspired styles in the imagery and typography it uses, but its base styles will also complement any fall-inspired elements you add to the theme.

The theme comes with over 15 homepage demos, all of which display a list of your latest and category-specific blog posts in different ways. You can even switch between a light or dark theme. You can also insert Instagram and About Me widgets in the sidebar and footer.

This theme also uses elegant post layouts you can use to create visually engaging content that places emphasis on your words and images. It also utilizes the additional post formats in WordPress, including Photo, Gallery, Video and SoundCloud.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $49.


9. Lets Blog

Lets Blog by ThemeGoods

Lets Blog is a powerful blogging theme by ThemeGoods. It uses several autumn-inspired styles in the images and typography it uses on the homepage and throughout the theme in general.

The theme comes with 6 homepage demos you can use to display your latest blog posts in a way that suits you best. You can display posts in a variety of different ways on the homepage, such as displaying your latest posts in a slider at the top of the page or displaying category-specific posts beneath that.

The single blog post layout also comes with a variety of different styles, including a right or left sidebar and fullwidth. It even features an elegantly minimalist style that suits the overall appeal of the theme.

You can purchase this theme at ThemeForest for $49.


10. TheM

TheM by FitWP

TheM is a powerful yet minimalist blogging theme by FitWP. It comes with 6 demos, many of which feature fall-inspired styles. This is mainly found in the typography the theme uses, but it’s also due to the fact that you can choose between over 700 fonts and custom colors.

Each demo features a different layout. They either feature a large header with a grid of your latest blog posts underneath or a row with your latest blog posts and a list of other blog posts underneath. You’ll also enjoy choosing between 10 logo options.

You can also choose between 8 content styles, allowing you to choose a single blog post style that suits your fall-inspired images and stories. You can even showcase your portfolio in a creative fashion. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to implement an online store on your site.

This theme is available at ThemeForest for $49.


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