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Theme Junkie is offering a special Black Friday deal that allows you to save 50% on theme packages. Be sure to take advantage of this offer as it’s going away as quickly as it came.

Theme Junkie offers two theme packages. The first is the annual All Themes package, which usually runs for a price of $49/year. This price is now down to $24.50 for the first year thanks to this deal. This package gives you access to all 48 themes the developer offers. You’ll receive 1 year of updates and personal support.

The second package is the Lifetime Package. This one usually costs $99, and the holiday sale drops the price down to $49.50. Not only does it give you access to all 48 themes the developer currently offers, it also gives you access to any new theme they release in the future. They typically release at least one theme per month. You’ll also receive updates and personal support, all for a lifetime.

Theme Junkie offers a diverse set of themes, from business themes and ecommerce themes to blogging themes and news themes. It offers multipurpose and industry-specific themes. This means one theme can be used to build a website for a variety of different businesses while another is designed for building a website specifically for a medical professional.

Use the links below to check out Theme Junkie’s themes as well as the holiday sale.

View Themes | Holiday Sale

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