It has been said (in Forbes magazine, no less) that the most valuable business commodity is trust. Creating a brand and a product that people trust is a tall (or…venti!) order and unless you’re Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, or Google, getting potential customers to trust you often comes down to showing them that others who are similar to them already trust you.

To showcase your product as trustworthy and build a loyal following, customer testimonials are key. TechValidate found that over 90% of B2B marketing and sales professionals rated content sourced from real customers (like testimonials) as “very effective” or “extremely effective.” In second place, third-party analyst content, was rated 18% extremely effective and 38% very effective.

This is not news. In the past decade, businesses have been focusing more and more on reviews and testimonials. You may already have some reviews on your site and your competitors likely do on theirs, too.

What is new is the Spectoos WordPress widget that provides a better way to collect, display, and monetize your customer testimonials. Here are the five fundamentals that make this widget unlike any other:

1. Converging social media platforms

Say you have written a book and have some raving customer reviews on Amazon, but you also have great recommendations on LinkedIn, and some readers even posted words of praise on Facebook. With the Spectoos widget, you can aggregate your positive customer testimonials from all these different platforms into one place.


Social media and peer review sites are effective because they are socially proofed. There is a real person’s name and a face tied to a review – and the Spectoos testimonials widget harnesses that same concept while bridging the gap between an endless number of disparate networks, sites, and apps.

Yelp, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, and more – no matter where your reviews originated, you can easily aggregate them in your Spectoos widget and showcase all of your positive testimonials in one place.

2. Using testimonials to rise up the SERPs

While customer testimonials are known to help bottom of funnel conversions, with the Spectoos widget, they can also help you at the top of the funnel (or TOFU). To get more TOFU action on your site, you need to rank higher organically on search engine results pages. When you use Spectoos, you can easily embed the widget on your own WordPress site, but the interface will also automatically create a page that is optimized for search engine crawlers and will improve your organic ranking.

The optimized page will show up in Google results with a star rating, giving you the added benefit of trustworthiness even before a prospect hits your site.


3. The best get better

A particular testimonial could be more effective than others for a variety of reasons, including if the reviewer is an ideal representative of the target buyer persona, if the reviewer’s feedback is especially useful, and if the reviewer is a well-known influencer or expert in your industry.

Using advanced analytics, the Spectoos widget can determine which testimonial has been most effective, meaning which testimonial in the widget was viewed the most and drove the most conversions.

Armed with this knowledge, you can optimize your Spectoos testimonial widget to show those testimonials which perform best and lead to the most conversions.

4. Easy does it

Sometimes, getting testimonials from clients and users is tough. You know they are busy, you don’t want to hound them, but you definitely shouldn’t write it for them. The team behind Spectoos are experts in this field, and they have created a fully customizable form that gets results! By using the responsive testimonial request form, your customers are empowered to provide quick and effective feedback for your business.

You can send the form directly to selected customers or embed the form on your site so that users can easily provide reviews at their leisure.

5. Clean, attractive, customizable and fully responsive

You have likely optimized your site, invested in its design, and minimized friction in your funnel. Unlike other testimonial widgets that are clunky and unattractive, the Spectoos widget is fully customizable, so you can easily adhere to the look and feel of your site, it is responsive across all devices and browsers, and it is fun to read!

How do these five elements lead to customer conversions?

Recently, an Internet marketing agency placed the Spectoos customer testimonial widget on their page. Understanding that having their customers “speak” to their prospect is a greater sales tool than any copy they could write themselves (or pay third party analysts to pen for them), they decided to give the Spectoos widget some prime real estate on their site, above the fold. The CEO explained, “One company I reached out to explained that they were impressed when they saw a Spectoos testimonial from a CEO they had recently read about.”

Without spending any money on additional traffic or promotion, with no programming or web design talent needed, simply moving their customer testimonial widget higher on the page resulted in:

  • An improvement of over 1,000% in click-through-rate
  •  A 20% increase in conversion rate

The full case study is available here.

Posted by Tomer Harel

Tomer Harel is founder and CEO of KeyScouts and co-founder of Spectoos. He has been practicing Internet marketing for over a decade, helping hundreds of businesses to thrive online. Despite his extensive knowledge and years of hands-on experience, Tomer is always looking to learn more and be a little bit better every day at what he does.

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