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WP Engine is offering a discount on new shared plans when you use code SPOOKY at checkout. You’ll receive 4 months free when you purchase a new annual plan or 20% off when you purchase a new monthly plan.

WP Engine’s shared plans, which are Personal, Professional and Business, operate in a virtualized environment. This means different accounts operate on the same hardware, but they cannot intrude on one another’s space due to the way WP Engine’s infrastructure is set up. This makes them faster and more efficient than traditional shared servers.

These plans support up to 400,000 visitors per month and as many as 25 installs. They’re also scalable due to their cloud infrastructure, which means your server will scale automatically if your site gets hit with a random surge in traffic.

All plans also come with EverCache, WP Engine’s in-house caching system that handles your site’s caching needs at the server level and only improves the server’s ability to scale.

Every WP Engine plan also comes with a feature called LargeFS. LargeFS lets you integrate your hosting account with an Amazon S3 account to give you an unlimited amount of storage for media files.

This deal runs until Halloween (October 31st) and is only available on new annual and monthly Personal, Professional and Business plans.

Use code SPOOKY at checkout.

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